• Commercial Office Properties

    Commercial Office Properties

    SerVantage cleans over 20 million square feet of Commercial Office Properties daily. Using our proprietary Quadrant Cleaning Systems our COR and CIMS certified teams bring the best technologies and operating systems to your buildings. Our quality control management ensures we deliver on our promises as we continue to set the standard and raise the bar in the cleaning industry.

    We are the name you trust. Whether it's 5pm or 2am, our staff are there in your facility making the right decision because they are properly trained, they have a team that treats them well, they are paid above industry standards and their supervisors and managers have given them autonomy and respect in the work place. We are a people company serving people and it’s our people who truly care about our customers because we care about them.

  • Health Services

    Health Services

    Seniors, Residents and Patients become part of the SerVantage family. It is because we are a family run business, supporting our families of associates to support the diverse needs of your facilities and the people you care for. We truly make a difference. It’s about more than providing great tasting, healthy, nutritious food and compassionate support services. It’s about the respect and care brought by each of our family members daily to your seniors, residents and patients and their families.

    We offer customized solutions to Acute Care, Senior Living and Retail Operations with a focus on who we serve. Safety is paramount as is quality. We invest in our people, our food safety and infection control programs and our management and auditing systems to exceed all Regional Health Authorities, HACCP and CCDC guidelines.

  • Shopping Centres and Retail

    Shopping Centres and Retail

    Corporate alignment with a unified strategy brought to the shopping centre environment where we know how to deliver the “Experience” is what SerVantage is all about. We know your customer wants a clean safe environment to shop in. We know if we exceed their expectations they will stay longer, they will spend more and they won’t shop anywhere else. This is how we help you meet your financial objectives.

    We own the talent! We have brought together the industry’s most dynamic team with experience in cleaning the most prestigious centres throughout Canada. We know how to help you maximize your returns and minimize your operating expenditures while providing the Customer Experience!! (And have a blast doing it) That’s our differentiator.

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Keep your facility clean, safe and performing at its best

SerVantage offers comprehensive services for facilities of any size or complexity. We customize services to meet your specific needs for keeping your facility clean, safe and performing at its best.

We are available when you need us

SerVantage takes a team approach that emphasizes contact and communication with clients and tenant. We have extensive experience with tenant inspections, audits and surveys.

Serving a wide range of clients and Industries

Our long history in the service industry has resulted in a respected client list across Western Canada. The true testament of our success comes from attracting and retaining clients in the following sectors:

Commercial  /  Health Services  /  Food & Beverage  /  Government  /  Recreation and Entertainment  /  Education  /  Retail   /  Industrial