Health Services

Seniors, Residents and Patients become part of the SerVantage family. It is because we are a family run business, supporting our families of associates to support the diverse needs of your facilities and the people you care for. We truly make a difference. It’s about more than providing great tasting, healthy, nutritious food and compassionate support services. It’s about the respect and care brought by each of our family members daily to your seniors, residents and patients and their families.

We offer customized solutions to Acute Care, Senior Living and Retail Operations with a focus on who we serve. Safety is paramount as is quality. We invest in our people, our food safety and infection control programs and our management and auditing systems to exceed all Regional Health Authorities, HACCP and CCDC guidelines.

Comprehensive services for health care facilities

SerVantage provides hospitals, long term care facilities and research labs with comprehensive services including:

  • Housekeeping & Environmental Services
  • Food, Dining and Nutrition Services
  • Laundry Service
  • Maintenance & Building Operations

Multiple health services advantages

  • Our Quality Assurance program uses industry-standard auditing tools to help ensure performance benchmarks are met
  • Strict controls to ensure regulatory compliance are implemented and monitored by industry professionals to help your facility receive accreditation
  • Self-auditing and resident surveys help improve the quality of care and resident satisfaction
  • SerVantage’s labour flexibility enables us to adapt to a wide range of labour environments