Customer Service

We look at customer service simply as the way we want to be treated……..Yes, you have heard it before; Treat people as you would want to be treated. Sounds so simple, but putting it into action takes a lot of hard work and an ingrained mindset that ‘We are here to serve’.

We talk a lot about value added service, but what is it? Well, again it’s simple, it’s doing the right things. Doing the right things?? Yes, I know what you are thinking, too simple, not descriptive etcetera. Let me walk you through the SerVantage Customer Service and Value Added philosophy and our training program.

When you work in a Retail environment or a Corporate Office environment they are inherently different, but the customer service philosophy is very much the same. We are about the Customer Experience………The WHAT?????

The Customer Experience!!

The customer experience is the lasting impression a customer has within the environment that you serve. When you work in the food court and someone is there enjoying their lunch, ask yourself, did they have a great experience?? Were the tables and trays cleaned? Were the washrooms looking good, fully stocked and smelling fresh? Were the floors free of debris and spills, keeping it safe? Were proper safety tools being used, ie Wet floor and Caution signs in appropriate situations?

These all affect someone’s experience and make a lasting impression. Will this customer be back?? Are the retailers who are paying to have us look after the customers happy with our service? The retailers depend on the customers and we depend on both.

When we leave an office late at night after providing our cleaning services will the customer come into their office the next morning and be happy? Will they have a good experience? Did we empty the trash? Clean their desks and vacuum their carpets? Did we leave their respective work place in a clean, safe and tidy manner? If they came to work the next day and got into their routine and did their work in a clean and healthy environment then we provided Value Added Service. We were a part of keeping them productive in a healthy environment.

Most of our work situations will vary, but our Service Philosophy never changes. We ingrain our service philosophy so it becomes a natural part of who we are while we are working and in everyday life. You never want to have to think about it, you just want to do it!!


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